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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 14, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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affair broke. a major sponsor has dropped tiger, accenture, which paid woods $10 to $15 million a year terminated his contract in a state, the consulting giant said, quote -- there are signs other sponsor may follow in accenture's footsteps. gillette says it will limit his role, at&t. nike, electronic arts and luxury watch band tag heuer standing by him. how much of this will continue to unfold around tiger woods. nbc's reporter. dan, will this be a place for names to drop through. >> you would think since
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accenture dropped him others would follow. but in reality, each company has to make its own decision whether or not they can continue with tiger woods. gillette limiting the role of tiger woods makes sense because he's not going to be playing for the indefinite future, let's say. it makes sense. it doesn't mean they are dropping him. that being said, all these companies evaluating, they don't know what's going to come out next. tiger might not know what's going to come out next. this story every day is continuing to evolve. every time he's on the cover of a paper as we get further on away from this accident, it's been two and a half weeks. i don't think the company knows exactly what's coming. if the story end now and tiger woods comes back in mid february for the masters, maybe accenture is the only company that drops their deal. >> let's talk about nike. many people, including yourself, noted their golf brand is tiger woods. that is plain and simple. how difficult do you think it is for nike as they look at one woman after the next coming out
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and more details about this secret dark life he was living. >> i think what people realize, tamron, although they have built this $650 million brand around tiger woods, only about 10% or even less than 10% of nike golf is branded this tiger woods trademark logo, the tw. when you say that it's not like they have to pull anything off. retailers did sell through his masters outfit and his u.s. open outfit that he won't wear now. they have actually bought that inventory but there's till nike shirts, golf shirts that don't have tw on it that they will probably still sell because they are such a market leader. it's probably not such a disaster for nike other than the image hit from the business standpoint. >> for nike's part they say they stand with tiger woods as he works through this difficult point in his life. we'll see if they continue to stand with him. >> the fallout from the tiger woods scandal could be a major setback to the sport woods made
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so popular. on friday night woods announced he's taking a break from golf to try and repair his image. in a statement woods wrote -- hall of famer nick price reacted this weekend saying, it's hard enough now to find sponsors not having tiger in the field, for however long it is, that's going to be a challenge. joining me to discuss the difficulties, the deputy editor of david, suppose tiger woods is out for four or five months, what tournaments are going to suffer and how much of a blow is it to broadcasters who carry the tournaments. >> in terms of ratings last year when he was up and coming american, the fourth of july weekend, a three share. this year tiger woods same tournament, same course, same date, an 11 share. he triples the rating. out with a knee injury, tv
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ratings were down about 50%. it's a hit to pga and general buzz around the sport. as far as the responseshsponsor going to be difficult for them to attract interest for the game with a big question mark about the biggest draw, the most dominating force in the game is out for an undetermined amount of time. >> how awkward has this been, the reporting for the pga. on the one hand they have to be supportive of tiger and don't want to be associated with stuff he was involved in. on the other hand they want to make sure it's clear and they welcome him back when the time is right. >> it is a funny situation for them. they along with companies and people that put out statements want the best for tiger woods an elin and the children and the family. obviously it's in their best interest to get him out on the golf course in his office as soon as possible. for them to basically sit back and be supportive is the only thing they can do. they are not doing to put him in front of the tour, his face, not
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going to be running public service announcements any time soon. they are in an awkward position to find out ways to brand themselves, market their product to potential sponsors and the general public. >> what's the key calendar like? when do the major tournaments again? when does it really start to affect the pga. >> the first big tournament, you would think tiger woods would want to pay. things equal, he would want to be at the masters, the second week of april. if tiger woods is not laying, competed in one event bit middle to end of march, you can scratch august, a national off. players championship in may, u.s. open in june, british open in july. i would think again he needs to play at least one or two events to get his game back in order and get the media circus that's going to happen where he goes over with before he shows up on a major championship. right now if you're a tiger woods fanned and want to see him at the golf course at the masters you'll hope fully see him at bay hill, one of those tournaments early to middle part
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of march. >> deputy editor of thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. tamron, it's an awkward day for the pga and accenture. in the next hour we'll run the ad which features tiger woods which has double entend re. >> the best you can get, the blogs went crazy with jokes about that tag line with what we're now learning about tiger woods. it's awkward for all these companies. that's why they are rethinking their relationship. anyway, president obama summoned top executives of a dozen major banks today. the president said he urged ceos to step up to help with the economic recovery after they received billions in taxpayer bailout money during last year's financial crisis. among those receiving some of the biggest, citigroup, bank of america, jpmorgan, chase,
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goldman sachs. the president wants the banks to lend more money to homeowners and small businesses and stop fighting financial reform. >> should note that around the table, all the financial executives said they support it, financial regulatory reform. the problem is there's a big gap between what i'm hearing here in the white house and the activities of lobbyists on behalf of these institutions or associations of which they are a member up on capitol hill. i urge them to close that gap. >> also today citigroup became the last of the big wall street banks to exit the government's bailout program. that's after reaching a deal to repay the remaining $20 billion in bailout funds. while all this was going on, two of the president's top economic advisors at least some tried to categorize it as not agreeing on the recession. here is what summers and christina romer had to say on sunday talk shows. >> today everybody agrees that
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the recession is over. the question is what the pace of the expansion is going to be. most professional forecasters are now looking for a return to job growth by spring. >> in your mind, this recession is not over. >> of course not. for the people on main street and throughout this country, they are till suffering. >> joining us to talk about this, nbc white house correspondent savannah guthrie. we spoke about this, summers, romer, back and forth. if you look at the transcripts they are not disagreeing here. >> right, exactly. if you listen to the whole part of that interview with dr. romer, you'd see she acknowledges by a technical definition of the end of a recession we're there. so there she's consistent with summers. she made a point, as a practical matter it's not over until people are going back to work. there's really not an
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inconsistency in terms of whether or not the administration thinks the recession is over. number one, the first thing they say is we're not the ones who determine that there's actually a bureau of economic research that does. by their standard definitions, yes, it's over. all advisors here are quick to say they have got an unemployment problem and until that is fixed nobody is going to be breaking out the champaign here and saying the recession is over. >> savannah to that big meeting the president had with ceos of big banks, independent the white house was saying the president didn't want to villify them calling them wall street fat cats who just don't get it. that sounds like villifying the group there. >> that's interesting. i think there was a real difference in tone. on "60 minutes," the president went out of his way to call wall street fat cats, he didn't get it, telegraph this frustration and anger at wall street. but both the president and ceos that came out and talked to
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reporters afterwards described the meeting today as cordial, productive but frank. frank is diplomatic speak around here for occasionally being tense. the president expressed his views they need to increase lending, do more for housing foreclosures. one thing that irritates him, he talked about it, you played the sound bite, the lobbiesing against financial regulatory reform. some of the ceos came out after the meeting and said, you know what, actually, maybe we should talk to our lobbyists because we do support financial regulatory reform. maybe we should be the one who are the conduits. that's where the rubber will meet the road whether ceos and banks are ready to get behind reforms. >> it's so smg, you talk about ceos saying they should try to
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rein in lobbyists. did you get the sense they were saying this to be nice, at the white house sort of gentlemanly about this or is this something they will do, go back to new york and call out thousands of lobbyists who are trying to water down a bill in their favor? >> i think it's a little bit of both. there's always this certain politeness that happens here at the white house. look, we can take them at their word. maybe they feel the lobbyists or trade associations would be too aggressive. i personally won't be waiting for them to say whatever the administration offers or whatever bill gets bandied about on the senate side they will lay down for it. the devil is in the details. of course they all agree there need to be reforms, it's just a matter of what those reforms are. i would still expect the banks to advocate their positions quite fiercely. >> nbc's savannah guthrie at the white house. programming note, vice president joe biden will be a guest tomorrow morning. you can watch that at 6:00 a.m. eastern time.
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we've got breaking news involving millions of missing e-mails from the bush white house, 22 million to be exact to non-profit groups that computer technicians have found these e-mails again. again, 22 million of them from the administration. they say the electronic messages were mislabeled and effectively they have been lost. the two groups, the latest development in a controversy surrounding a failure by the bush white house to install an electronic recordkeeping system. no word on what these e-mails say. 22 million of them. now that they have been found, we'll see what happens next in this process. an incredible number of lost e-mails. now this non-profit group saying they have computer technicians locate them. they were mislabeled and effectively lost for that period of time. david. >> those lawsuits involving those groups in the bush administration now will take an interesting turn. tamron, news out of oregon where rescue teams out of mount hood. they are trying to find two of the three missing hikers. officials say the risk of
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avalanches is too great to search by ground. they are waiting for the weather to break to send up a black hawk helicopter to search by air. searchers found luke gullberg, his body around a glacier. they are still searching for anthony vietti and katie nolan. the pictures found on the camera are clues to what happened before they disappeared. >> when they got up there, one of the thins we've seen in the pictures is that one of the ways they were thinking of going, they started up, and it looks like it was too dangerous. so we believe that's why they tried a different route. we all take the risk every day knowing an accident can happen. an accident happened here. >> rescue crews say they are not giving up hope on vietti and nolan because they are experienced enough to survive for several days. david, coming up. security breach.
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italy's prime minister hospitalized after a vicious attack. how did a man get so close to this world leader and seriously injure him. >> plus say it isn't so, joe. democrats outraged over senator joe lieberman's new threat to health care reform. was he their last best host for 60 votes? why is he flip-flopping on his position when he was a vice presidential nominee. >> david, a lot of people are calling this pretty gross. it's a new public service ad about soft drinks. we're going to show you -- is it crossing the line? we're google to talk about it. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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david, italian prime minister silvio berlusconi remains in the hospital after being hit in the face with a small statuette on sunday.
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he's expected to remain in the hospital at least until tomorrow. >> he was attacked while signing autographs in milan. this all happened in front of the bodyguards for the prime minister who is embroiled a sex scandal and corruption charns. he suffered a broken nose and two broken teeth. his face was left bloody. the alleged attacker was taken bo custody at the scene. he's identified as a 42-year-old man what history of mental problems. nbc's mike taibbi is in london. what's the latest on the prime minister and the latest across europe. >> hi, david, how are you? i wince every time i see that picture. it's no surprise he woke up with a powerful headache and what the doctors call strong, persistent pain. the injuries, fractured teeth, nose and lass rated lip that requires stitches. no surgery as the doctors say. he is on antibiotics and will be kept in the hospital through tomorrow. at least he'll probably miss a
3:19 pm
meeting with the turkish prime minister and won't make it to the climate conference in copenhagen. a suspect who got within a couple of feet of berlusconi is a 42-year-old man named massimo tartaglia, a history of problems. he was quickly arrested and held in milan prison, no motive was given for the attack. the prime minister said he was okay but was bleeding and rushed off to the hospital. there have been national protests demanding his resignation. he's amid a messy sex scandal that broke up his marriage. security officials say the attack gives a lot of support for the embattled berlusconi. there's at least 300 facebook and youtube accounts praising his attacker and urging more violence. berlusconi said before the attack that he expected there would be some violence, not
3:20 pm
necessarily them, but he said that was the state of hinges in his italy. david and tamron, back to you. >> mike, any answers at all today from security forces as to how they -- he could be put in a position where somebody could get to him. >> he's often surrounded by as much as 30 secret service a little. he linebacker's to mingle the crowd. he was talking about all the problems in the past year, but he was ming ling, giving autographs, talking to him. he got within a few feet, hurled the statute. a very dangerous situation. >> mike taibbi in london. thank for the report. up next, an airline strike affecting travelers all over the world. just in time for the holidays. just in time for world view. >> would you take marriage advice from the former prostitute who was involved with eliot spitzer?
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speaking out. >> she was shocked by her guilty verdict. she's scared but hopeful about her future. nine days ago knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of her roommate meredith kercher. >> to tehran where iran's foreign minister said three students in jail for crossing the board will stand trial. iran has accused them of spying. they say they were american students that accidentally crossed the border. you see them in lighter days when they were dancing. cabin crews voted to strike
3:25 pm
over the holidays. december 22nd lasting to january 2nd. what timing. the union is upset over new pay and work proposals. we'll see how that works out for people traveling. can't be good. up head, can al gore save climate talks, disarray on the streets as mr. gore arrives in copenhagen. should congress get a pay raise? millions of americans will get a pay raise. now they say their colleagues on capitol hill should not get one either. the pig picture continues after this. every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day. somewhere in america, there's a home by the sea
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answers. "o" is for objectivity.
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one of the basic principles of td ameritrade. it means you help investors... you don't just sell them. it means no hidden agenda. td ameritrade always has...always will... put the investor-- you--first. that's how they work. that's how they deliver objective investing help. that's what td ameritrade stands for. what does your investment firm stand for? it's time for fresh thinking. it's time for td ameritrade. cnbc market report. s&p 500 up 6 or 7. actually percentagewise, nasdaq is the best of the three major indexes. headlines, citigroup announcing it will pay $20 billion of the $45 billion it received in bailout last year. it would free citi from government restrictions on executive pay.
3:29 pm
the government still owns about $25 billion worth of citi group stock, which it does intend to sell within a year. toyota will roll out it's plug-in cars before the 2012. this is when rivals announced their rollout. it will now be available in 2011. the car travels 14.5 miles on a single charge before the gas electric system kicks in. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. now back to msnbc. welcome back. i'm david schuster, live in washington. >> i'm tamron hall, live in new york. chaos and controversy at the international climate change conference happening in copenhagen. talks were suspended after african countries and major developing countries staged a boycott this morning. the poor countries want the wealthier nations to consider deeper cuts in the greenhouse emissions, something the rich companies have been reluctant to do. al gore was the big draw at the
3:30 pm
summit. he spoke at a separate event and warned the arctic icecap could dap in the summer months in the next five years. a scary moment during the climate debate, a global warming skeptic at the national space center had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. nbc's ann thompson joins us by phone from copenhagen. a lot to talk about, we'll keep this to where are talks now and what kind of reception did al gore receive? >> tamron, i can tell you the talks are back under way. the boycott by the african nations and other nations lasted a couple of hours this arch. they are back at the table and working hard. the time is, quite frankly, running out. heads of state started arriving, gordon brown, the prime minister of britain decided he's going to come two days early. he arrives tomorrow night. of course as you know, president
3:31 pm
obama will come friday, so they are desperately trying to find a way to get an agreement reached by at least thursday night, so the arrival put pressure on negotiators. as far as al gore, he got a very warm reception as you can imagine. this is a negotiation about climate change, and he is seen as someone in america who gets it by many of the people who are here. and he presented today with someone who we had spent time with in greenland, drawing ice cores, to measure what's happening to the planet, specifically the ice in greenland. as we know the melting rate there has accelerated. >> i know people are wondering how president obama with so much going on will handle his role. we know gordon brown has decided to come a little bit earlier believing he is needed to get
3:32 pm
some kind of deal here. >> well, gordon brown is coming because a spokesman for him says he needs to -- he feels some urgency needs to be injected into this. it is now -- if you assume they want a deal by thursday, they have literally got three more days to do it. you have 109 countries you have to get on the same page. today we saw just an example of how high tensions are running when the african nation staged their boycott. as they said for them getting rich nations to cut emissions by a significant amount is for them an absolute matter of survival. they are already feeling the affects of climate change. they don't want to see business as usual situation or a token cut by the industrialized countries. they want a real deep cut that will make a big difference in the climate. >> anne, there have been a number of suggestion coming out of copenhagen and various reports that some people
3:33 pm
participating there feel like a lot of this is up in the air in part because of the united states senate. i wonder if you can try to put that in context and explain for people why they are making that ling between copenhagen and the u.s. senate. >> well, it's because the united states agrees to a legally binding treaty, that treaty has to be approved by the u.s. senate. it has to get 67 votes in the u.s. senate. now, as we know, when the u.s. signed on to the kyoto protocol and they never -- the bush administration didn't even like the agreement and didn't bring it to the senate. so the one piece of advice, interestingly enough when andrea mitchell talked to al gore last week, he said the one piece of advice he would give president obama is don't agree to anything you can't get passed in the senate. we know how that works out.
3:34 pm
it is a very difficult concept for people here to understand. i road back with a parliamentary minister from bengladesh on the subway back from the talks. i spent the entire ride trying to explain to him the dynamics of american politics and why obama couldn't come in and say he's going to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. it doesn't work that way in the u.s. he doesn't have that kind of power. that is a difficult concept for people to understand here but it's one they are coming to understand and they certainly appreciate. because it limits what the president can do and what he can agree to. >> all right. nbc's anne thompson live in copenhagen. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tamron, we have developing news. winter storms continue to pound various parts of the country. rain and snow hit california forcing some los angeles county residents to set up sandbags and barricades in apartments
3:35 pm
patience of flash floods resulting from the snow. in connecticut ice turned treacherous and that made driving very difficult. state police said troopers were called to 64 crashes sunday, 12 of which included injuries. in washington several school districts delayed because of snow and freezing temperatures. >> developing now 33 students taken to the hospital following a gas leak, excel academy charter in the east area of boston was evacuated shortly after 10:00 this morning. students were complaining of lightheadedness and nausea. some were even given oxygen while others were taken to the hospital as a precaution. firefighters looking for the source of the leaks. postal officials say they expect today to be the busiest day of the year. they expect to process about 830 million pieces of mail, david. ups and fedex also expect today
3:36 pm
to be their busiest day of the year with fedex drivers delivering 13 million packages. schuster, my gift better be in there. in today's close-up, lawmakers in washington may not get automatic cost of living salary increase this time around. >> congressman ron paul, republican of texas, harry mitchell, democrat of arizona have co-introduced a bill that would rescind the pay increase. lawmakers say it's a way to end send a message that congressmen understands the plight of americans in the recession. hey, jill, how much support is there for this? it would seem like there would ab lot. >> i think this would be something they could rally around in theory. whether they could find a legislative vehicle to push it out is in question. there's not a lot of legislation moving with a couple weeks left.
3:37 pm
this is a 2011. next year is frozen. they have cost of living frozen by a spending package they passed in march. this continues this public show of empathy with folks who are struggling in the economy. >> and possible the politics in this is as simple as they go ahead and get a bunch of co-sponsor so they can go into the election saying look what we supported they rely on the house speakers to bring it to the floor so they don't have to deal with it. >> this was the dynamic that played out last spring. there was talk about repealing the law that talked about automatic cost of living adjustments. the senate took a vote on it but it never got enacted. i think what they want to avoid is straight up and down whether they should raise their salaries down the road. right now i think this speaks to a populist current out there. talks about washington elites, privileged, operate under
3:38 pm
different rules. there's certainly pull to get this done politically. >> are there critics on the other side? who would come out and defend the pay raise. members of congress, $140,000, and a great health care plan to boot. >> they make about $174,000. those in leadership make even more than that. these colas are two to three percent. it's not huge but keeps place with inflation. these folks were criticizing auto executives and bank executives for the compensation packages and bonuses they were getting this year. they don't want to look like hypocrites. they don't want to see many people arguing against it. it's a question whether they use the process to special the idea. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> tamron, i think that would be the easiest vote for members of congress to make. of course they don't want a raise during the recession. >> it's very interesting.
3:39 pm
especially as he brought up, the whole sentiment of fat cats on wall street, $174,000 i think certainly puts you into the fat cat category especially when you look at decisions made by members of congress that seem to be in their best interest and not the people's. >> up next, what does joe want? >> yeah. what does he want, david? democrats angry over joe's message on health care. has he killed the latest attempt at compromise. making the case both sides, dueling joe liebermans that have emerged in this debate. all we had to do was go to and use the free savings calculator. we learned that changing your medicare part d plan could save an average of $612. woman: we just entered my prescriptions, and it compared plans for us. it was easy to find the right plan for the prescriptions i need. your cvs pharmacist can help, too. come in today, or go to before december 31st to find the best plan for you -- at cvs/pharmacy.
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cartoons duringch hoopsion pure your big meeting,shave gel - and breaking news when it breaks. watch real tv whenever you want. you don't need to get a phone. you need a phone that gets you. back in today's making their case. joe lieberman flip-flopping on health care reform. that's what stunned democrats say after lieberman said he will filibuster if it health care bill calls a medicare buy-in. there's proof what the senator said in his own words, that
3:43 pm
anyone would categorize as a different view from what he said in the past. >> what makes it so shocking to democrat leaders in congress was the simple fact when joe lieberman was running for vice president with al gore back in 2000, they campaigned on a platform for a medicare buy-in for those who are eligible. but here is lieberman's latest position. >> i think the only way to get this done before christmas is to bring in some republicans who are open minded on this like olympia snowe. >> what do you have to do to do that. >> take out the medicare buy-in, forget about the public option. you probably have to take out the class act, which is a whole new entitlement program and will in future years put us further in the deficit, contain cost containment that will strengthen cost containment that all of us favor. if you did that you'd have an enormous accomplishment. >> except, of course, you wouldn't get support in the house. lieberman followed the
3:44 pm
television appearance with face-to-face meeting in harry reid's office, a meeting described as contentious, lieberman, nelson and snowe insisting they will vote against the legislation, how will they get the 60 votes they need to pass. liz mayer, blogger, for the national committee. the process whereby they only need 51 votes? >> it might be. that might be the last threat you have for joe lieberman. they are calling a caucus meeting at 5:30 where all the democrats are going to get together and find out exactly where joe lieberman is. you have to understand it wasn't just as vice president when he ran in 2006 he supported a medicare buy in. for years he's been supporting the rye of people # 5 and up to buy into medicare. three months ago he repeated
3:45 pm
that position to the connecticut post. just over the last few weeks he was saying he was open to it. he wanted to wait until the cbo analyzed it. i think he heard the cbo analyzed it and it wouldn't be very costly so he wanted to jump out in front of it and quote unquote oppose it in principle. that's not principle if you're opposing the same position you had three months ago. >> would it make more sense joe lieberman comes out and say he's a republican. if he's going to help republicans filibuster this, why doesn't he just be clear. >> there are certainly liberals asking themselves that. i think if you look at the spread of issues and where joe lieberman is on all of them, you will find he is somewhat more centrist but isn't quite in the republican camp on quite a few things. he is probably socially more liberal. has he taken a more liberal line with economic policy and fiscal policy. it probably doesn't make sense for him to be in the republican
3:46 pm
party as such, though many republicans will look to cheer him on as he looks to block this health care reform. >> the white house told senator reid to cut a deal with joseph lieberman. what's your reaction to this news if it is actually true here? >> it means that the president is enabling joe lieberman in his effort to just drag the bill as far to the right as he possibly can. >> what would be their motivation to do so, especially knowing the outcry in the party and those all along who felt he, meaning joseph lieberman, should be punished for actions during the campaign. >> if it's true and there might be a denial coming from the white house but that doesn't mean it's actually not true because it came from someone in the white house. there are certain political adviser over there that think as long as they can call it health care reform and put their stamp on it, going into 2010 saying they accomplished something, that's not going to be the kind
3:47 pm
of thing that gets the democratic base out to vote in 2010, for your candidates in 2010. and it's still going to alienate the tea baggers no matter what it is. you're going have an angry right, a dissatisfied base going into 2010. >> liz, do you believe no matter what comes out of the senate at this point if republicans can't bank on balocking it there, if t does go to the right, it will be killed by democrats. wait a second, we passed something with public option, there's no medicare buy-in, we're not going to support this. >> if you take people at their word, clearly that's doing to be an issue. the perspective, what does come out of the senate, it's pretty clear the only thing they get anything out, unless they use reconciliation, which it doesn't look like anybody has any intention in doing, basically a conflict on the senate and house on what they want to see in the bill. you've got a situation where in
3:48 pm
the senate the house bill, you' the public option. it will be hard to reconcile those two things. >> ryan and liz, interesting stuff as always. thanks for coming on today. still ahead, stomach-churning video of a man drinking fat. it's all supposed to be a new public service campaign against soft drinks. we'll show you if you can take it. we'll ask if it's crossing the line. >> what's with all the video so hard to look at today. santa speedos? >> hard to look at video. >> you're watching "the big picture" on msnbc. (announcer) a cold or flu can start fast... new tylenol cold rapid release gels day and night release medicine fast to relieve painful coughs, congestion and sore throats.
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this one's a tough one. is it crossing the line?
3:52 pm
you tell me. a new public service ad in new york city about soda, it's bubbling up controversy. and i say this as a tough one, because it is tough to watch. if you have a weak stomach, brace yourself. it was posted on youtube today. a man opening a soda can and pouring it into a glass. a mess of gloopy fat. the message, drinking just one can of soda a day can add up to ten pounds of weight in one year. thomas farley said sugary drinks are in large part of the obesity epidemic. this video is playful. but it's a message that's serious. s if this campaign shifts habits even slightly, it could have real health benefits. well, we contacted the new york health department. they said they had tremendous success with their graphic anti-smoking campaigns. and this is just an extension of that kind of campaign.
3:53 pm
so, david, one can of soda can add up to ten pounds of weight in one year. can't they just tell us that? do they really need to go there? is it a playful -- it is pretty disgusting. is this playful or imagery just too much? i thought it was all about moderation. one can of soda? come on. is it crossing the line? you tell me. let me know what you think at david, i don't drink soda, but this one certainly made my stomach turn. >> what about sugary drinks like fruit juices. >> that's not even real fruit. trickery there for sure. >> i will stop. no more fruit drinks. i'm done. it's almost 4:00 on the east coast. coming up, president obama's big meeting today with the bankers he called fat cats. will wall street do its part to fix the financial system? we'll talk with ron. the first woman named in the tiger woods sex scandal is
3:54 pm
reportedly receiving death threats. and tiger's trouble with his sponsors. all that, plus a live report on the desperate search to find those two hikers who are missing on mt. hood. ♪ ♪ haul out the holly ♪ put up the tree before my spirit falls again ♪
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and trouble passing urine. every day could be a good day to breat better. announcer: ask your doctor if once-daily spiriva is right for you. this hour on "the big picture," president obama met with the nation's biggest bankers and went into the meeting infuriated. >> people on wall street still don't get it. they don't get it. >> reporter: so what did the president say to the ceos face to face? a live report coming up. plus, tiger woods loses his first major commercial endorsement. accenture pulls all of their ads, including this awkward one. >> you never know where the next competitor is coming from. go on, be a tiger. >> reporter: the latest on the woods saga. later, trader joe, senator lieberman says he will block the
3:58 pm
democratic health care reform legislation as it stands now. >> you've got to take out the medicare buy-in, you've got to forget about the public option. you probably have to take out -- >> reporter: ironically lieberman supported those proposals at the democratic vice presidential nominee. it's put health care reform in deep trouble. and remember ashley dupre, eliot spitzer's call girl has a new job. this hour on msnbc. good afternoon, everyone. i'm tamron hall live in new york. >> i'm david shuster live in washington. in "the big picture" today, with the american public growing increasingly frustrated with taxpayer bailout on wall street, and the lingering economic problems, everywhere else, today president obama weighed in. he summoned the heads of a dozen giant banks to the white house and said it's time for them to deliver a commitment to help rebuild the u.s. economy. the president cited the problems of small businesses that still can't get crucial credit from
3:59 pm
the financial institutions. >> i'm getting too many letters from small businesses who explain that they are credit-worthy and banks that they have had a long-term relationship with are still having problems giving them loans. we think that's something that can be fixed. and so i urged these institutions here today to go back and take a third and fourth look about how they are operating when it comes to small business and medium sized business lending. >> the president also spoke about the wall street lobbyists who are fighting the reform legislation. mr. obama and the democratic leadership have tried to put together in congress. legislation aimed at bringing more transparency and less greed to wall street. >> and i made very clear that i have no intention of letting their lobbyists thwart reforms necessary to protect the american people. if they wish to fight common-sense consumer protection


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